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Re: CIS Fuel pressure vs EFI pressure

In a message dated 97-06-20 07:18:59 EDT, Ross writes:

<< > Graydon how much fuel pressure do you have?
 >   I got 83psi! at the distrib.the plugs look beautiful,
 > but I wonder if more would be better?
 > The car runs cool no detination even when the air is hot!]
Graydon writes
>> Ross,
>> 	Since I am running a fully electronic fuel system with electronic 
>> injectors, the fuel pressure is not as critical as it is in the CIS 
>> system.   I run a constant 3.5bar (52psig) at all times which is on the 
>> high end for EFI systems.   Many run less than that.   The CIS changes the

>> pressure to vary the fuel delivery (I think.)
A slight smile at the lips of this old list-fater once again, as me writes:
I might suggest nicely, Mr. Ross, that you do some homework quickly on CIS
fuel system pressure, control pressure and their relationship to each other.
 Picking up the pieces of a second motor/turbo might not be the way to learn
the fuel 'game'.  More of either in CIS, is NOT better.  


'87 5ktq/w
'84 Urq