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Re: Leaky Turbo Feed Line UrQ

In a message dated 97-06-22 02:08:07 EDT, you write:

<<     Well, I'm here to beg for one of these hoses.  I'm pretty sure I can
 retrofit the piece from at least 1980 5kT  to a 1985 5kT.  Any ideas guys?
 knew this would happen after I sent in my registration for the event.  I'm
 considering replacing the bad section of hose with some braided steel and
 then heat shielding it.  I dunno.  I'm in pain,  depressed, and could use a
 hug.  So I fi >>
The 85 5kt is the desired upgrade for Urq owners, IF you want to add water
cooling to the bearing housing.  The 85 5kt cars used the twin oil filers,
AND have the oil line design for the WC turbo bearing housing.  The
difference is in the shape of the bearing housing mounting flanges on the oil
lines.  The shapes of the flanges are smaller to accomodate the water line
fittings.  I believe that you can use the twin filter 85 lines on a non WC
bearing, tho, the only reason I've been there, is to upgrade to the WC center
bearing, so haven't btdt.  This might be a good time to upgrade and/or plan
on, a WC bearing, the success of water cooling is well documented (SAE has a
paper on it's effects) for turbos.  

The later 86> MC cars have a single filter (a running change, some 86 have
the 85 setup), and the water cooled flanges.  The single filter is used, cuz,
the coking effects of turbine use are greatly reduced by the addition of WC
bearing housing.  I wouldn't run the single filter setup on a non WC bearing
housing, however.

Good luck, hope to see you properly equipped at Blackhawk.

'87 5ktq
'84 Urq