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Leaky Turbo Feed Line UrQ

       Well, I always can tell when a track event is near.  I just wait until
the UrQ runs awesome for a week or two, the I notice lil' glitch.  I can be
anything from a bad CV boot, to a noisy center bearing, to a bad rear tie
rod.  Well, I thought lightning didn't strike twice.  Last year I
replaced/upgraded the oil lines and Oil cooler on the UrQ, I got it done two
daws after the Blackhawk event.  Yep,  She was home in the driveway empty of
her life blood.  Guess what...   Today she ran like a Banshee, even on a
humid 80+ degree day in Chicago.  I came home, checked my mail from the list,
even bragged to a lister about how good the beast ran today.   I get ready to
go pick up a pizza and noticed a familiar puddle under the right front
corner.  Out comes the floor jack.   Oil everywhere,  again.  Just a week ago
I noticed some oil, about a drop a day, but I poked around under the car and
found one of the filters to be a lil loose.  I tightened it and went
motoring.   blah blah blah....
     I lifted the car,  tracked tthe oil to its cleanest point and started
the car.  There was some visible seepage at idle from the Turbo feed line.
 Great,  I was going to replace these as a precautionary measure last year
when I did the rest, but  there wasn't one in the country per my dealer.  IPC
listed the hoses, but never recieved them.  I let it be.   SEE WHAT HAPPENS.
    Well, I'm here to beg for one of these hoses.  I'm pretty sure I can
retrofit the piece from at least 1980 5kT  to a 1985 5kT.  Any ideas guys?  I
knew this would happen after I sent in my registration for the event.  I'm
considering replacing the bad section of hose with some braided steel and
then heat shielding it.  I dunno.  I'm in pain,  depressed, and could use a
hug.  So I fired up the LANCIA,  she has never let me down yet.  I'm
considering putting the money into that car and prepping it for the track.  I
could probably get it done !!!
    Enough rambling,   point blank I need a hose if anyone on the list can
come through for me I would appreciate it so greatly I can't even begin to

Thanks in advance, 
Sean.   ( I guess I'll have to say " happy motoring" in Italian for a few