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Re: effects of sagging rear trans mounts

> Just had the rear trans mounts replaced on the 91 200q (91K
>mi). Major difference. Was getting hard to shift, even with red
>line. Especially into reverse. The real tip off was that backing
>off the throttle made the gear shift move (maybe 1/2 inch) and
>also clunked a little like a U-joint was on the way out. Now the
>gear shift *does not move at all* when lifting the throttle and
>no clunk!!!. Shifts really smooth. The mounts were not broken,
>just sagging about 35 mm. Dealer cost for the mounts was $43/ea.

Mine has been kinda hard to shift since I got it last year with 86K on it. Put
in Mobil 1 tranny fluid, it was better, but still kinda notchy. Reverse is
especially hard to get into sometimes.

Did you replace the mounts yourself or have somebody else do it? I take it that
there are two mounts. So you think that my shifting will become smoother if I
replace these? Or how do I inspect, how did you know to replace them?



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91 200q

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