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Re: 91 200 TQ after run fan

> I have seen postings about the cooling fan stays on after
>shuting off the  engine. Well, my car never does that and should
>the fan stay on for this  particular car? I always wait at least
>1/2 minute befor shuting off the  engine if traveling for more
>than 15 minutes and I wait longer for long  highway trips. Will
>the wait cancel the after-run behavior? There was couple hot
>days (I think it was close to 90c) in Boston and my car still
>did not had the fan on after the engine was stopped. I am afrid
>my car is  not acting normal and this problem will cause some
>amount of damage to  the turbo.

Mine never turns on, unless it is really warm out. Last year I replaced it, it
still didn't turn on. The multi-function switch is on the bottom side of the
intake manifold, on the driver's side of the engine.

It closes at 110 degrees C, opens at 97 degrees C. I think mine is working
properly, I just don't think it turns on very often. I've seen the MC engines
before, they seem to work in almost everytime you turn the engine off. Probably
because it either has a different set point, or is located in a different

Just to be safe, you can always jump out the switch and make sure the electric
water pump works.... a new switch is about $35 from Clair. I would just wait for
a hot day, drive around without the A/C on so the fan won't run unless the
engine gets about 1/2 up on the gauge, then turn it off and see what happens.
Mine will only run for 3-5 minutes. Think it is normal, we've discussed this
before in the last year.



Paul Waterloo
Riverside, IL

91 200q

EMAIL: 74543.407@compuserve.com