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In a message dated 6/19/97 Fringe Ryder <fringe@ai.net> writes:

<<For my part, I am -very- considerate of motorcyclists.>>

That is good. I am not a motorcyclist, but as a bicyclist I suffer from the
same (or worse) motorist rage, frustration, and lack of understanding of the
basic laws which entitle all vehicles to share the road. The key is that we
must all share the road and get along! 

<<Some, however, are idiots and zoom between cars at stops much quicker than
is safe -or- legal. (Calfornia, at least, has a speed differential limit.)>>

Agreed, a couple points to add...as a bicyclist the "idiots" in question are
car drivers who feel it is their god given right to make unsafe passes and
other maneuvers to a bicycle or motorcycle (like sticking your hand out!)
that they would never try with another car. *That* is using your car as a
potentialy lethal weapon to some innocent person...perhaps someone who has a
family to support, drives a quattro (with verve at times), and is a member of
this here list! (Like me :)...)

Now then about the speed difference law...I am born and raised here in CA.
and have been driving for now near 20 years. I have never heard of such a
law...but I am aware there is the "basic speed law" which requires judgement
of "safe for conditions" speed. The people who make this judgement as to
legal or not are the peace officers and courts after each driver makes their
own judgement. Noticing that CHP motorcycle officers "lane-split" (which is
legal here) at very high speeds while traffic is at a stand-still it is hard
for me to understand what the speed differential law is really all about. I
do know that as a bicyclist that I am entitled to use as much of the roadway
as *I* feel is safely practicable and if there is faster traffic, cars
typically, that they must wait until there is a safe opportunity to pass. I
also have enough common sense not to push this issue because doing so will
get me killed. On SF Bay Area freeways, motorcycle commuters do reduce the
severe congestion on the road...so when they do "lane-split" they should
upset nobody since their very presence makes for less cars in your way! I am
not sure I agree that it should be legal...I have almost hit motorcycles when
they catch me by surprise with a 30mph+ speed differential. The lesson I have
learned is to be aware of them and be that much more careful...the same
respect and considoration I expect as a bicyclist. Bottom line is all legal
vehicles are entitled to share the road...be it a super-car, a motorcycle,
bicycle, or horse and buggy in some ares of the US. It is very easy to get
angry, but you may all recall my take on "road rage" and again, it is a very
frightening thing...best bet is get along and try and keep emotions out of
driving decisions.

Mike Veglia
85 4ksq