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On Fri, 20 Jun 1997, Phil Payne wrote:

> In message <199706191131.NAA13954@mykonos.Holland.Sun.COM> Douglas.Mancini@Holland.Sun.COM (Douglas Mancini  - Order Manager - OFC Netherlands) writes:
> > Even the Quickest URQ is slow compared to
> > any bike above say 400cc.
> Not if it's a Kawasaki 750 along the A423 Southam to Leamington road.

Nor if your on a ZX6-R on the M1 on Saturday evening ;-)
I would quite happily outrun any 400cc bike in a 20V, although I admit 
it might be a bit of a struggle in a 10V.
And don't tell me Im talking bollocks, because I happen to have group 
"D" on my licence.

Talking of Saturday, on the way back from Goodwood, I was on the M18, and 
I went past Junction 2, looked up the slip road and saw a copper parked 
up (normal place). I was doing 92 at the time....
Anyway they never set off after me, because I was in the flow of the 
traffic :-)
My friend who was half asleep next to me in the passanger seat didn't 
have his seatbelt on. About 1 to 2 miles later I could see this 
white car in the outside lane catching up like 'ten men', so I told my 
friend to get his seat belt on because I thought it was the police car.
Next thing, this White Citron BX GTi-16 (something like that anway) came 
storming by, basically must of been flat out. (120-130ish I suppose). At 
this point I chuckled to myself, because I knew what was coming next.
Sure enough, about 20-30 seconds later along comes Mr Plod, doing warp 
factor nine in the outside lane no flashing lights or anything. (I 
presume at this point he was doing the old Vascar bit and getting an 
average speed).
Mr Citron was being hauled from his car at the M18/A1 interchange last 
time I saw him. Unlucky.

Michael Burton
Systems Administrator, PA Data Design
4 Wheels - Audi Quattro			UK Audi Quattro Owners Club
4 Legs   - Dexter			He's a funky kind of horse
2 Legs   - Shanks Pony                  Last resort