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Re: v6 reliability

Our '93 100CS has 52k miles and has been trouble free, except for a 
leaking intake manifold gasket which was repaired at No Charge (even
it was outside its 36 mo warranty period!)

We get 26mph highway, not as good as the '87 5KCS TQ= 28mph!

I here that earlier V6's had engine oil seal problems, which were
mid-year 1993.  Hopefully ours is one of the later 1993s!


Paul Dansereau wrote:
> I have a 93 90sq with the 2.8l V6. I have found it to be reliable so far, I
> bought it with 53k kilometers on it
> about 1.5 months ago. I have put on another 4k kilometers since and have
> not had any problems.