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Re: age

I must humbly disagree.  I'm 41, and although I have a few more aches in
the morning
I believe that the fact that I'm older, more experienced, have travelled
more, really
gives me an appreciation for life, living, other cultures, etc.  When I
was in my early
20s I was sooooo naive.  I didn't have a clue.  I was 29 when we bought
our first Audi:
this was the start of my enlightenment  ; )

My father is 82 and still climbing around on roofs, my mother is 77 and
in not so good health.
My mother-in-law is 81, and while she has just been diagnosed with
cancer,  she's having a
ball, is never home, and really enjoying life.  

You are as young as you feel.  And your attitude has everything to do
with how you feel.
Just remember....growing old is much better than the alternative!!!

Douglas Mancini - Order Manager - OFC Netherlands wrote:
> Thanks for confirming my worst fears!

> BTW, when I was 20-something, I always thought, that 30 was some kind of a breaking
> point after which the life starts to suck.