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Re: Age

You were present at her birth?

Are you from Louisiana?

Is your Email address really sievers@deliverence.com?


PS. Obviously a big joke, please Louisiana Listers do not take offence.

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In message <199706201645.LAA01487@dfw-ix14.ix.netcom.com> philby@ix.netcom.com (Phil Coppin) writes:

I'm sory about the bandwidth, guys, but I really _can't_ pass this one up:

> She who must be obeyed (and owns the car)   - 42 in July

Ditto.  Down the line, except it's August and she's 41.  I know - I was _there_!

(Many men remember their wife's birthday.  Very few remember her _BIRTH_!)

> He who cleans, maintains & protects it      - 50 in July

Well - 47.  Half-price over-50s car insurance - "because we _know_ a mature 
driver is a safer driver" - two and a half years away.  Oh boy!  Looking 
forward to calling the insurance company in a cracked and wavering voice:  
"It's only a smallish car, but sometimes it goes _ever_ so fast."

> Interestingly SWMBO is of the opinion that my middle aged carcass is 
> inhabited by some hyperactive 16 yr old being that ceased his emotional 
> development in the 1960's. However this being does, at times,  bring 
> out her mothering tendencies and she does forgive his trespasses and 
> indulge him a lot(quite often thank the Lord!!)

Down the line.  

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club

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