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Re: Age

>In message <199706201645.LAA01487@dfw-ix14.ix.netcom.com>
>philby@ix.netcom.com (Phil Coppin) writes:
>I'm sory about the bandwidth, guys, but I really _can't_ pass this one up:
>> She who must be obeyed (and owns the car)   - 42 in July
>Ditto.  Down the line, except it's August and she's 41.  I know - I was
>(Many men remember their wife's birthday.  Very few remember her _BIRTH_!)
>> He who cleans, maintains & protects it      - 50 in July
>Well - 47.  Half-price over-50s car insurance - "because we _know_ a mature
>driver is a safer driver" - two and a half years away.  Oh boy!  Looking
>forward to calling the insurance company in a cracked and wavering voice:
>"It's only a smallish car, but sometimes it goes _ever_ so fast."
>> Interestingly SWMBO is of the opinion that my middle aged carcass is
>> inhabited by some hyperactive 16 yr old being that ceased his emotional
>> development in the 1960's. However this being does, at times,  bring
>> out her mothering tendencies and she does forgive his trespasses and
>> indulge him a lot(quite often thank the Lord!!)
>Down the line.
> Phil Payne

You guys are too lucky.  My 39 yera old red headed wife has her hands full
mothering a 5 yer son and a 22 month old daughter.  No time for me...all I
get are those withering looks and the occasional "It's your money..".  Then
I know I'm in trouble big time!  She is more actively lobbying for me to
sell the Ur-q as it sits in the garage most of the time.  But it's okay if
I replace it with an S4 IF I can show her where the money for the car and
the insurance will come from.....something like when she fell in love with
the then new 300ZX turbo and told me that I could buy one...if I sold the


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