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Re: Motorcyles, cars, American driving sucks

will gadd wrote:

> While Canadian driving has problems, people still often pull to the right
> shoulder to let other drivers pass; I've yet to see this happen anywhere in
> the US. Nope, the American driver feels compelled to maintain full use of
> the widest lanes on the planet at all times. I live in the US but drive all
> over the world; I often come back to the US after a trip to Europe or South
> American with the distinct feeling that I've entered some sort of weird
> game in which the object is to drive lard-fed cars poorly at low speeds
> while doing everything but actually looking at the road (cell
> phone/doughnut/coffee cup/radio/hairdryer/lottery
> ticket/newspaper/shaving--I've seen all of these things in combinations of
> up to three).

Man, were you reading my mind!?

Igor Kessel
'89 200TQ
'97 A4TQ
on order