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Re: Improved S-Knob

Orin Eman <orin@WOLFENET.com> wrote:

> Of course, if you use one of my red diaphragms, then I think you would
> be fine (and need virtually no pressure on top anyway due to the
> stiffness of the diaphragm).

Does the diaphragm stiffness affect response when it's desired to _open_
the wastegate?  That is, is it like a friction effect which induces lag
in the control loop?  OTOH, if it acts like a pure spring (and if the OE
diaphragm contributes no spring rate), seems like the effective rate of
the wastegate spring in series w/ the diaphragm would be reduced?  I'm
on shaky ground here...

Dave Weiss
'91 V8 5-spd
'93 90 CS UnQ