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Re: Contact cleaner sources?

Since Mike Veglia suggested calling Caig about the temp limits, I did. 
Talked w/ Mark Lohkemper, the pres, apparently a chemist by training. 
He sounds like an intelligent guy who believes his product is really

Mark says -25 C is the point at which ProGold starts to flow.  Flow is
important, since they advertise that this stuff redistributes across
surfaces after being displaced by moving parts (eg. in switches).  He
didn't think the electrical properties changed much w/ low temp, and
said his stuff won't ever interfere w/ the actual metal-to-metal
contact, just fills in the gaps.

Stabilant doesn't claim redistribution?  Anyone know the pour point?

I've got some ProGold coming, will throw it in the freezer to see what
it does at 0 F.

Caig also thinks their stuff has an advantage at higher temps, which
might make it more suitable for automotive under-hood applications.

Dave Weiss
'91 V8 5-spd
'93 90 CS UnQ