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Suspension Woes Redux--> Bent rims, should I migrate to steel ones?

Hey all, 

Thanks to the listers who sent me some mail last week regarding my PITA vibration and 
wandering problems with the CGT.

I brought the car back to the guy who did new shocks/struts and said "hey, what gives? 
My alignment lasted all of a week, and the car is all over the road, vibrating, etc"

So while I went on vacation, he got his hands dirty again and discovered that ALL 4 
rims are bent, in varying degrees of severity. 4 months ago, one was bent, and I 
haven't had any accidents, hit any curbs, etc.  

Since it's still in NJ and I'm in MD, I haven't yet seen the evidence, but I buy it.  
The stock wheels (16 spoke OEM) are pretty soft, yes?  

The roads here in DC area are horrendous, so I'm looking for a viable alternative, 
i.e, perhaps steel rims that are more expendable, and certainly more repairable. 

VW made steels that went on late 80's/early 90's  Cabriolets & lot's of Jettas--simple 
steel disk with approx. 12-14 1-1 1/2 inch circular cutouts within the circumference 
(Saab had a very similar, and IMO better looking, and, I'm pretty sure larger steel 
wheel I often see on 900's).  Question:  will the four bolt VW steel wheel fit the 

Any one else (in Boston perhaps?) gone to steel for the same reasons? If so, what 
wheels did you use?  Results? 

Thanks guys

Jonathan Monetti
86 Coupe GT, 89k