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Horrible. Horrible Audi Weekend

I MUST have offended the Gods.

One:  Pick up the Coupe from the bonehead mechanic who fouled my damper
install (he gave me a new noise!) and he had finally fixed evrything
right! Land sakes!!!  

I go over one itty bitty pothole, and the left rear shock pulls a Polaris
missle imitation into the trunk.  Looks like bonehead used cheap-o parts.
Now I'm riding on a spring only.  Goes back to him today.  With a strong
urging to do the right thing or I'll kill his Cereal. 

Two: The REAL heartache?  The 85 parts coupe with an almost perfect body
was used by a couple of *&!@#$^% _* *&^%$*^&  *^&*)*&$%^$#
*^&  landscapers as a scaffold to cut hedges at my
dad's house.  I guess they figured, hey this things in a pen, looks like
it doesn't run, let's walk on it.  DESTROYED the hood.  Absolutely
DESTROYED it.  And the roof.  And nearly gave me a heart attack.  I was
like an animal.  The body WAS in great, great shape.  I was looking
forward to using those parts for me or listers (sorry Cello, that hood's a

Phew. Since I didn't have an aneurism yesterday,  I know I never will.   

Jonathan Monetti
86 Coupe GT 89k