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Re: Intercooler coolers...

I used to know a guy that worked for Bell in Philadelphia, working on
the Osprey Project. He said that Carbon fiber must be refrigerated at all
times until its laid up. When they take a roll out of the fridge it can only
stay out so long, and can only be taken out somany times. Once this has been
violated they sell the stuff as scrap for pennies on the dollar to companies 
that make car and motorcycle accessories etc. Its doesn't have the integrity 
for aircraft use, but its perfect for non-structural body parts etc.

_ So I ask you, why is it so expensive?

- Cause it's trendy!

- Douglas

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<< n my case since doing this isn't legal
 for the class I'm competing in ... besides, why cut up a perfectly good
 steel hood when Todd Candey can sell you one made from carbon-fiber that has
 a Quattro Sport vent molded in?  >>

   The best reason for doing it the way I described is the cost factor.
 Junkyard 4000 and coupe hoods are very cheap as are the donor vents. I paid
 a whopping $5.00 for my vent.  I even put it in my original hood since it
was sh*t anyway.  If I get around to a full paint job I will then look harder
at the Carbon fiber hood.  I have talked to Todd about fenders AND the hoods.
 I can't see spending ~ $2000.00 for a hood and fenders. I'm in business too,
but I don't agree with most on the fact that carbon fiber should cost as much
as it does.

Is it really illegal to put a vent in your hood for that class?  If so, an
aftermarket hood must be equally illegal.


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