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Re: Black A4

My white UrQ almost never gets a bath. because it always looks
clean and the garage always has projects calling me- No time 
to clean a car that already looks clean. Of course a white A4
may look a little bit like a whale.

- Douglas

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> > >Can I get some commentary from the owners of black A4's out there?  I am
> > >considering a black A4, and have heard that it is virtually IMPOSSIBLE to
> > >keep clean.....should I consider a cactus green over a black?
> I own a crystal black '89 100Q. I will NEVER own another black car
> as long as I live. (when you buy used, you take what's available).
> It looks superb when clean and polished, but it is impossible to
> keep clean for more than 12 hours or so.

Same story from my brother who has a black Porsche 930... in his own
words... "NEVER buy black car... to damn hard to keep clean." 
So of course I went and bought a red Coupe Q <used>- relatively easy to
keep clean, also relatively easy to get nabbed for no other reason than
being red.

'90 Coupe Q
...if I ever buy new car... it WILL be silver...

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