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US 98 2.8 A4 commercial (30v in racing???)

Possible racing explanation...
Do you all remember the monster Audi 200 25(!!)valve that was produced?
Only a few were built. The engine was running 28psi of boost, and
produced, er, 640bhp at 6200 rpm w/ catalytic converter! This car with
Bobby Unser shattered two world records- 203mph for 1000km and 202mph
for 500mi. And this was a sedan!  An all blacked out 200, with 640bhp
_is_ the definitive sleeper car... I wonder if TAP or IA could satisfy
my need? ;^)
Anyway, I think the "race bred" claim in the ad had more to do with the
number of valves than the number of cylinders...

'90 Coupe Q
'96 Ted Wojcik SofTrac DS Pro