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Re: US 98 2.8 A4 commercial (30v in racing???)

In a message dated 97-06-22 13:59:37 EDT, palmerj@earthlink.net (JP) writes:

<< AoA has a new commercial for the A4 30v... (kinda stupid) 
 During the ad, the voiceover says the 2.8 has a _RACE_BRED_ENGINE_!
 Coulda been 'race inspired', it was really late.
 Had Audi been racing a V6 somewhere? I know Audisport had the V8s
 running, and the 80s and A4 ran the 16v (the 10v and 20v 5's go without
 How about the 5valve per cyl head? I have tried to tie the 30v engine to
 any racing program without luck. 
 Did Audi supply engines to a spec racing series? Does Audi have program
 building 5valve Formula One engines???  Im runing out if ideas.

The only tenuous connection to racing that comes to mind has to do with the
five valve head configurtion, and not even on the V6.  There was a 5-valve
5-cylinder engine that Audi used for some endurance records years ago.
Talladega, I think, and another abortive attempt at Nardo in Italy.