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Re: Window tinting...

At 11:23 AM 6/23/97 -0500, you wrote:

>Info I am after:  what brand/type of tinting is best?  What is the 
>likelihood of bubbling or scratching of the film?  What is up with this
>"titanium" tint people are talking about?

Metallic films don't fade anywhere near as fast as the older non metal films
(approx 4 years to purple). The titanium films typically carry a lifetime
warranty against fading, scratching, and liftoff when applied by a reputable
installer. I installed non titanium metal film in my Grand Caravan 2 years
ago - zero problems. The older style film in the tq is faded to purple and
ugly... Bronze tint to complement the Mahogony brown metallic is 'on the

In Florida a 4 door typically runs 140.00 for a full tint. Make SURE you
check local laws - they are specific in what % or gradient of tint is
allowed, and where. Also be advised the police get REAL nervous about
approaching a darkly tinted car.
Additionally the metallized films interfere with radar detection - and the
gradient of tint affects the reduction in detection capability (as discussed
with the V1 people this morning).

Best advice I can give after doing myself more than once: Let the experts do
it! Most places are now offering one piece rear window treatment which is a
marked improvement!

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