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Re: Window tinting...

>Info I am after:  what brand/type of tinting is best?  What is the 
>likelihood of bubbling or scratching of the film?  What is up with this
>"titanium" tint people are talking about?

I think the possibility of bubbling (or fogging) underneath the film
depends on how well the installation is done. My cousin and I both got the
window tint by the same shop about 7 years ago. His rear window is already
fogging up. But mine has no problem whatsoever.

When we were getting ours installed, the installer said there were two
kinds  -- pigment and metallic. He said the metallic ones is resistant to
fade, and can be like 95% or something effective against sun's heat (not
light). And heck, I can FEEL the difference when I open/close the window
when the sunlight is beating upon me.

Donno what brand it is. The metallic film I got was "true gray" in color.
One curious thing is at certain angle, you can see the "waviness" in the
film. It's not waviness as in sloppy installation, but "precise" and fine 
waves like carbon fiber thingies.

For side windows, make sure the film goes beyond the rubber weather strip
so it won't come off at the edges after some use. If you're doing the
whole thing through a professional shop, make sure they have lifetime
gurantee on quality of installation (bubbling/fogging/etc.).

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