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RE: Audi 500CSQ climate control problem

Prolly a disagreement between the two outside ambient air thermometers.
A/C won't come on unless the A/C brain deems it hot enough, as measured
by two agreeing sensors. One is prolly brain-dead, confusing the A/C
brain. Bentley has diags procedures to tell what each thinks the temp
is, one'll prolly be smoking dope. HTH.
-Ian Duff.
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	I don't have an idea on this one!!

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	> Subject:       Audi 500CSQ climate control problem

	> Al,
	> Found your site, like it, hope for some help.
	> My 87 5000CSQ has developed a problem with climate control
	> - AC does not blow cold.  It worked fine last week.  I had a
	> shop recharge the freon two months ago and check for leaks -
	> seemed ok.  One other strange symptom is that the outside
	> temperature has been reading unusually low for the past week.
	> currently reads 32 (F) when it is about 90 (F).
	> Any ideas?
	> Thanks,  Peter
	> (You can reply to pfiala@aol.com or peet@webtv.net)

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