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RE: 1990 Coupe Quattro 20V problems -- me too! (warning! multi problem whining)

Wow, another CQ owner named Ian!  Too cool. BTW, good choice of car.

Lack of boost is prolly the pump, light coming on when you stab the
pedal is prolly bomb. I would change the bomb (most CQs need it by now,
mine included), and flush the brake fluid before you play with the pump.
The pump is a two stage job, supplies both brakes and steering/clutch.

I'm interested in what everyone discovers with the rough idle/stumble.
I've changed the cap/rotor/plugs recently, and I have a pretty constant
idle, but a stumble at low rpms when accelerating. Stalling when
entering idle is prolly the ISV. I simply unplugged mine and re-pugged
it, and all was (still is, knock on wood) fine.

Speedo problems might be loose connectors on the back of the instrument
pod, or on the back of the fuse panel.

I would say get a manual (see below for recommendation), and pull the
inner door panel off. You're prolly right that a rod got knocked loose.

Tahrs? That's a *religious* issue on this list. I had AVSs, liked 'em
fine, but got to the end of the driveway on them before they looked
shaved. I now have D40M2s, rumor has it they'll last a bit longer. They
also seem crisper in turn-in, but that *could* be due to the +1 I did
(225/50-16). I still have the original (peeling and dinged) Speedlines,
that will prolly get a set of snows, most likely a set of Nokia NRWs.
The CQ is *OK* on summer tires in the snow, sort of on a par with an
American rear-wheel drive behemoth on snows. OTOH, just *think* how nice
your Coupe _quattro_ could be on snows!!

I have the Bentley mechanical manual, the Bentley Electrical manual, the
AllData CD with repair and TSB, and a photocopied enlargement of the
parts fiche. I find the Bentley mechanical and the parts fiche to be the
best source for fix it info.

Where are you (geographically)?

-Ian Duff.
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	From:	Ian Robertson [SMTP:iroberts@rim.net]
	Subject:	1990 Coupe Quattro 20V problems -- me too!
(warning! multi problem whining)
	> > > I've deduced that the bomb is probably shot.  The brake
	> blinks
	> > > after stabbing the pedal, but I only start to loose boost
	> > > everything heats up.  When car is cold and ignition off, I
	> pump the
	> > > brake pedal 20 times before I start to loose boost. A
	> I'm seeing the brake warning light blink when I stab the
brakes too,
	> but haven't 
	> a clue where to start looking for a solution to this one. I've
	> noticed that sometimes
	> the brakes don't seem to have the stopping power that they do
	> others. It seems to me
	> that it occurs when the car is warmed up as well...... hmmm...
	> Also, I've noticed that the car is having trouble reving from
low RPM
	> up. It sounds a bit rough
	> on hard acceleration. Above 3500 - 4000 rpm, no problems. Fuel
	> done). The idle is also somewhat rough as Peter mentioned.
	> >My 1990 Coupe Quattro is going through a habit of stalling
	> >irregular idling.  While driving, and then for instance,
	> >the car out of gear to stop, the rpms will drop to 500 or
	> >causing the motor to buck, sometimes stall, sometimes return
to 900.
	> Wheh! ready for more? The speedo cuts out sometimes, taking
with it
	> the cruise control. 
	> Here's another one; some jerk tried to break into the car and
	> damaged the lock mechanism 
	> on the drivers door. The car alarm still locks and unlocks it,
but the
	> key just turns free. I think that
	> some connecting rod was kicked off the lock cylinder, but I'm
not sure
	> of how to get inside the door
	> I also need new summer tires soon. I've been really happy with
	> Yokohama A509's that are on
	> it right now, but am considering changing over to either
	> P6000's or Yoko AVS S4v's.
	> Bentley? Chilton? What's the best book to get on a 1990 Coupe
Q 20V?
	> I _love_ my coupe dearly, and it is a blast to drive..it just
needs a
	> little TLC right now.