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Re: 1990 Coupe Quattro 20V problems -- me too! (warning! multi pr oblem whining)

Duff, Ian wrote:

> Wow, another CQ owner named Ian!  Too cool. BTW, good choice of car.
> Lack of boost is prolly the pump, light coming on when you stab the
> pedal is prolly bomb. I would change the bomb (most CQs need it by
> now,
> mine included), and flush the brake fluid before you play with the
> pump.
> The pump is a two stage job, supplies both brakes and steering/clutch.
> I'm interested in what everyone discovers with the rough idle/stumble.
> I've changed the cap/rotor/plugs recently, and I have a pretty
> constant
> idle, but a stumble at low rpms when accelerating. Stalling when
> entering idle is prolly the ISV. I simply unplugged mine and re-pugged
> it, and all was (still is, knock on wood) fine.
You know that puts a fualt in the computer that needs to be cleared.

1990 QC