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Re: 20V ABS!!!

Bob D'Amato wrote:

> The ABS computer on my 91 20V atmo died on me yesterday.   Anyway,
> dont you know, I just gave one away not 2 months ago?!
> Anyone have a spare sitting around they want to part with?
> A battery charger was put on backwards, and since then the "ANTILOCK
> OFF"
> light stays lit. I guess Im lucky it was only that. Is it safe to
> assume
> thats the problem?
> Thanks for any input. PS Im still not on the list...yet, so please
> answer
> direct.
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 Check the ABS power relay under the dash. Theres a fuse on the top. If
blown the light will lit. Also if the relay is bad the light will stay

1990 QC