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Fuel problems solved???

Once again I'd like to thank all those who replied to my postings, I
my O2 sensor which according to Bentley should be replaced every 60K, I
currentIy have 69K, I also put in new plugs. After driving for a couple of
I took out my plugs and they are not fouled like before, just normal burn,
so it looks like my rich mixture bug is fixed. I do have a question, being
newbie Audi owner, is it normal for an engine with CIS  not start up(cold
start) a
soon as the key is turned, as with EFI it's an instant start?, I guess
thats why the owners manual tells you to step slightly on the accelerator
when starting.
I do however get an instant start when engine is has been running and then
turned off. Just would like to know if this is normal operation for the
200 series with CIS. Thanks