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Re: Horrible noise from wastegate area.....

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mail.Audi_List,Pearce,MR,NAIC4,PEARCEM3 M wrote:

> Fellow listers,
> I think I need to draw on your collective wisdom, with respect to a
> harsh, metallic noise coming from the turbo/wastegate area on my 1984
> Ur-q. The symptoms are as follows...

It could be the turbo impellers hitting the case,in which case you will 
know for sure,shortly....:-( 

Or,I am unsure if this model has a Bosch bypass valve to eliminate back 
pressure when lifting off after boost has built up,but if it _has_,these 
can go faulty,and the boost open the valve,which then chatters in a manner 
similar to which you describe.

If it is the turbo rubbing,it wants fixing fast,as shrapnel can enter the 
inlet valves and do a lot of damage.It is also nigh on impossible to 
effectively clean out an inter cooler once it has had some compressor 
debris through it,and you end up replacing that,or cutting it open to 
_try_and clean it properly.

    Best Regards,
                 Chris Wilson