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Re: interesting source for intercooler cooling setup, other stuff

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mail.Audi_List,Brett Dikeman wrote:

> Fourth part:
> someone mentioned that they usually did water injection right onto the
> turbine.  

That was me... :-)

> Silly question perhaps, but wouldn't the sudden change in
> temperature cause all sorts of nasties?(another extremely technical > > 

We have done this for years,on all sorts of different set ups with no 
problems.By spraying onto the centre nut that holds the compressor wheel 
on,(usually a multi point nut),this stops the spray directly impinging on 
the compressor blades.Any thermal shock the shaft assembly suffers it seems 
able to cope with with impunity.

> On the other hand, is the quantity of water you're spraying > 
> so it doesn't cool the blades that much?

No,we spray a fairly large amount of water,or water / alcohol mix.The 
compressor never seems to mind.... ;-)

    Best Regards,
                 Chris Wilson