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Re: Broken Alternator Belt Queries...

> Now... why don't any Autocheck or warning lamps light up? I've driven it for
> about 25 minutes at night and all seems normal (lamps bright, easy starting).
> Too normal. When I got home I checked again. Yep, no belt. I'm going to
> replace it tommorrow, but anybody know why I didn't get a Auto-Check "Volts"
>  or an "alt" lamp warning? _IS_ there an alt warning?
... the display should light up like a Christmas Tree ... are you SURE that 
it is the alternator that is sans-a-belt?  At night with nothing adding 
charge to the battery it will discharge rather quickly with the fuel pump 
fans and headlights going!  You can check the voltmeter in the HVAC diag-
nostic mode to see what the battery voltage is.  If it reads 12.6 or above 
either your alternator is working or someone swapped the battery under your 
seat with a fuel cell ... :)  How's your A/C working?  I'm betting that it 
isn't the PS belt either because you'd notice that!

San Jose, CA (USA)