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Re: '87 5KTQ Window Brain?

> The good news-just got a '87 5KTQ over the weekend nicely breaking in at
> 100k miles.  Easily the most powerful of all my audis and its still
> stock :-))

Congrats Tony!  What is this thing about acquiring so many Audis all of a
sudden ... your sounding like me!  :)
> The bad news-electric windows stopped working today.  Typical Audi
> electrics.  However, the problem is not in the switches.  Seems I've got
> a electronic brain somewhere-just touch the switch once and the window
> rolls completely down. Press the "UP" side briefly to stop at any mid
> position.  Or at least that's how it worked this morning.  With the car
> sitting in the hot Silicon Valley sun, all the windows are firmly in the
> up position-very difficult for toll booths!
> So can anyone tell me where the brain is (no Bentley on this car yet)?
I posted a message a while back on this from when I was dealing with a 
similar issue on my '87 5kCSQ ... after you have exhonerated the window 
switches my next suggestion is that you check the wiring loom that goes 
through the boot in the driver's door.  It sounds lik you have a minor 
case, so you might be able to repair any damaged wires and install some 
polyethylene spiral wrap over the whole thing to help it bend more evenly.  
I ended up using in-line crimp splices as a temporary fix until I can 
install the replacement that I got ...

I guess I'll post this to the list to since there was someone else with 
a similar problem ... remember to check the window swithces first!

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)