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Re: pentosin types

> Question concerns the difference between 11S and 7.1 types.  6 mos. ago,
> I replaced my steering rack and filled the system with the stuff from
> VW/Audi dealer.  Which type is in their can?  What should I use to top
> up?  I've heard the 7.1 and 11S are NOT compatible.  No, the rack is not
> leaking yet, one of the hoses seems to be weeping where it is clamped to
> the fluid resevoir-every 5000 seems to drip here!
Yes, I too know that it was discussed in the past.  It seems to me that 
Audi dealers sell only one kind of fluid, and IME it has a red cap (I 
don't know if that means anything).  The local import parts places seem 
to now carry both types, and it appears that the 11S is the stuff with 
the red cap.  They also ask me what year car I have, and when I say '88 
they tell me I need the 7.1 stuff.  I've also noticed that there are clear 
warnings not to mix the two.  Is there anyone on line from an Audi ser-
vice/parts organization anymore?  I'm wondering if I have inadvertently 
switched from 7.1 to 11S simply by buying it from the dealer.  I know 
that at one time the dealer carried cans with the green cap.  I know 
that they say not to mix them, but does anyone know what can happen if 
somebody does?

Oh how I love my '83 urQ ... all I've gotta do is pick up a bottle of
ATF Dexron and I'm on the way!  Hey, has anyone noticed that Red Line 
now makes a synthetic Dexron ATF?

Steve Buchholz
San Jose, CA (USA)