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4kQ: A/C question ...

I don't often use the A/C on my cars, so I just recently tested the system
on the '85 4kQ that I bought.  I had noticed that whenever I turn on the 
A/C I hear the compressor click on, stay on for a few seconds and then 
click off, and then stay off for a few seconds, then repeat.  For safety's
sake I disconnected the wire to the compressor clutch.  Well, I put a pressure gauge on the "low side" of the system and it seems like the system has a good charge.  I then tried turning the compressor by hand (engine off) at first the compressor turns rather easily, but it gets more difficult to turn quickly, finally becoming nearly impossible to turn by hand.  I did not expect to observe this behavior when turning by hand, so I'm thinking that there may be something plugged like the expansion valve.  Can anyone confirm this or point me in another direction on this one?  TIA!

San Jose, CA (USA)