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1998 A4 1.8 Options

I ordered my new A4 1.8T yesterday morning.  The dealer told me that the
sport steering wheel was being offered as a seperate option in the 1998's
and that it would be no problem to have that put in.  It was listed as a
$190 option.  In talking with some other members on the list, I have heard
mixed opinions and comments from their dealers.  
I also was able to get the 5 spoke wheels at no additional cost.  Is this
something that the dealer did as a favor, or is this just a n/c option?  

Also what is the consensus on the leatherette?  I am new to the list and
have missed the commentary on this.  I was extremely pleased to find out
that I was able to get the sport steering wheel w/o the jaquard on the 1998

Could you guys give me some tips on aftermarket parts right off the bat
that will increase performance considerably......how much $$?