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Cracked Windshield

First time Audi owner (as of June 1) and new to the list, so please bear
with me if this has been discussed before.

This morning, we discovered a crack (approx. 12 inches long) in the
windshield of our '89 200QW.  No evidence of an impact, I wonder if it's
possibly due to washing car on an 85 degree day with 40 degree (Lake
Superior) water?

Four questions for all you Audi experts:

1)  What can we expect to pay for original equipment replacement?  This
windshield has the internal radio antenna and the owner's manual also
mentions a coating of some sort on the inside.

2)  What about finding a replacement at a salvage yard?  Cost, etc?

3)  We contacted one of those auto glass repair shops, who told us they
can't fix any cracks longer than 6 inches.  What would happen if we had
them try it, at least as an attempt to keep the crack from spreading?

4)  Why didn't we get full coverage insurance with glass replacement? 
Don't answer, I think I already know!


Mark Hagley
Duluth, MN