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Re: Black A4 and MTM 210 test drive

Although I've already commented on my black A4 (and the equally hard to
keep clean Ti interior), I have to disagree with silver as being the best
for looking good.  It may look cleaner longer but when my wifes silver
Mitsubishi is dirty it looks 10x worse than the A4...  

> Black's never appealed to me personally but I would agree with the
> general opinion here that:
> 1-it's a PITA to keep clean
> 2-when clean its probably the most visually stunning colour.
> My A4 is Ming Blue which is very dark & from dusk on looks black. Same
> problem as black - but I love cleaning my car & it gives me a good excuse
> to spend time with it :-). Spend time cleaning white & you feel cheated.
> The A4 looks yuk in white (IMNSHO), so silver is definitely the colour
> for those with an aversion to washing cars (actually you don't deserve
> an Audi if that's how you feel!)