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Black A4 and MTM 210 test drive

Black's never appealed to me personally but I would agree with the
general opinion here that:
1-it's a PITA to keep clean
2-when clean its probably the most visually stunning colour.
My A4 is Ming Blue which is very dark & from dusk on looks black. Same
problem as black - but I love cleaning my car & it gives me a good excuse
to spend time with it :-). Spend time cleaning white & you feel cheated.

The A4 looks yuk in white (IMNSHO), so silver is definitely the colour
for those with an aversion to washing cars (actually you don't deserve
an Audi if that's how you feel!)

The most trouble I've had with attracting the officers was in a red V8.
Someone told me they read a study that showed that people drive more
aggressively in a red car, and other drivers are more aggressive to them.
This would concur with my experience too. Except that I happen to be
colour blind :-)

BTW, drove an A4 with the MTM 210 upgrade today. Felt very quick with less
obvious turbo lag but in fact only 0.1s quicker 100-130kph cf. my
MTM 187 upgrade with Remus exhaust.

Downside was loud boomy exhaust note under power especially 2500-4000rpm
which the Remus does *not* have. Remus tailpipes far more attractive too.

Also fitted with 17x8 235/40 Uniroyals. Not significantly harder on the
road and much quicker & sharper steering response - loved them so looking
to do same on mine depending on trade value of my 16inch 5 spoker factory
sport wheels.

Greg Spark
Hamilton, New Zealand
'96 A4 1.8Tq Ming Blue (shiny *most* of the time)