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Re: alternator questions

On Thu, 26 Jun 1997 08:48:20 -0400, Paul Luevano wrote:

>"Scott J. Doherty" <urcoupe@stans.com> Wrote:
>>the 91 200 added a new trick today.  the abs and battery light as well as 
>>the e brake light all illuminated at once.  seem to remember this meaning
>>that the alt. is shot.  replaced once by Audi dealer to the tune of
>>$700.00 and not willing to do this again. BTW 11.2 on channel 11 of
>>climate control and under 12 amps on guage.
>	Rather than buying a new alternator, might I suggest getting the
>current one rebuilt?  I replaced the alt on the GF's '86 5K for the tune
>of $250.  When the one on my car went, I did some investigating, and
>found a local shop that rebuilt mine in less than 3 hours, and it's been
>humming along just fine ever since.  Cost less than $100.

Another option is to try a new regulator first. This is a small unit
which is mounted to the back of the alternator case and which also
serves as the mount for the brushes. You should be able to obtain a
replacement from your nearest Bosch retailer or mail order place.
Perhaps your local automotive electric repair shop would have a used
one you could buy cheaply to try out. Once you get the air duct cap
off the back of the alternator, just remove the two screws holding
in the regulator and pop in the new one taking care not to damage the
brushes.  Don't forget to disconnect the battery's ground cable before
messing with things there. (Visualize your screwdriver arc welding
itself to the back of the alternator followed by a battery explosion.)

DeWitt Harrison      de@aztek.com
Boulder, CO
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