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Re: Little fixes.

A hah,

I too would like to know what that noise is after starting, I reckon it may
be the little gear on the starter motor not disengaging from the big gear
(excuse lack of proper terms) properly. It doesn't do it when starting from
hot and it has been doing it for a long time with no obvious deterioration.

I would also like to know how to stop the headrest from tilting backwards,
although I suspect "they all do that sir".

I would also like to know what to check first with regard to my faulty (?)
oil temp guage. Where is the sender unit? The guage flickers on turning on
the ignition but stays below the line after 60 degrees no matter how much of
a boot I give the car. Is this normal? If so why fit a guage that reads to
170? I just love those guages, sad I know but they were ONE of the reasons I
bought the car!

These refer to a '85 80 (4000) sport. If someone would also like to tell me
if these cars were imported to the US and if so what they were called I
would be grateful, is it the 4000cs?