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Little fixes.

In message <199706251119.MAA11096@mailserver.nhm.ac.uk> gnt@nhm.ac.uk (Graham Thackrah) writes:

> I too would like to know what that noise is after starting, I reckon it may
> be the little gear on the starter motor not disengaging from the big gear
> (excuse lack of proper terms) properly. It doesn't do it when starting from
> hot and it has been doing it for a long time with no obvious deterioration.

Take it off (only two bolts), brush all the rust off and lubricate the pivots 
on the pre-engaging lever.  Opinions differ as to whether the cog and spindle 
should be lubricated.  Disconnect the battery first - otherwise the big 
cable _WILL_ cause a fire if it touches the chassis.

> I would also like to know how to stop the headrest from tilting backwards,
> although I suspect "they all do that sir".

Your headrests are too low.  The pivot point should be exactly level with the 
point at which your head touches the headrest.  If you're a significantly 
different height from other drivers of the car (my wife is 9" shorter than me) 
you _must_ adjust the headrest when changing drivers.  If the headrest tilts 
backwards when your head touches it, just imagine what's going to happen in an 
accident - when your head hits it with _real_ force.  It will tend to stretch 
(and in extreme cases break) your neck.  

Even if you can make the pivot stiff enough to hold against casual pressure - 
you'll _NEVER_ make it hold against the sort of forces met in accidents.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club