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Re:Should I buy Scorpion or Stebro for my 4000q?

Hello all,
I am desperate for advice on this issue of which to buy.  I need a rear
exhaust for my 4kq.  I know that both Stebro and Scorpion exhausts are good
for performance increase...but which is better?  Also, if i am going to
purchase a Scorpion exhaust
(ONLY REAR MUFFLER) I would like to know the price of it before i call TAP in
Florida!! (I live in Vermont)  I have narrowed it down to these two after
spending exhausting hours on line soaking up info on Audi exhausts.  The
Stebro rear exhaust is priced at $325 plus 45.00 install kit.  But I just
can't seem to find pricing for the Scorpion....ARRGHHHH!
Any help would be greatly appriciated...
Sean Houghton 
4kq 60K