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Re: Should I buy Scorpion or Stebro for my 4000q?

$800 for a freak'in muffler!!!!? What the hell is it made of GOLD!!!  I guess
that answers the question of which to buy.  By the way if your interested in
finding out more about Stebro exhaust contact there website at
http://infoweb.magi.com/~andypet/qtct.htm     Or call there order hot line at
(toll free): 1-888-8STEBRO.  
Does anybody out there have experience with Stebro exhaust, or know if the
Scorpion exhaust is worth its ridiculous cost?
Well that's it from my end...my 4kq goes into surgery tomarrow for a
suspension overhaul, hope my baby pulls through!
Sean Houghton
87' 4000 cs quattro 60K