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Re: Should I buy Scorpion or Stebro for my 4000q?

SMH100@aol.com wrote:
> $800 for a freak'in muffler!!!!? What the hell is it made of GOLD!!!  I guess
> that answers the question of which to buy.  By the way if your interested in
> finding out more about Stebro exhaust contact there website at
> http://infoweb.magi.com/~andypet/qtct.htm     Or call there order hot line at
> (toll free): 1-888-8STEBRO.
> Does anybody out there have experience with Stebro exhaust, or know if the
> Scorpion exhaust is worth its ridiculous cost?
> Well that's it from my end...my 4kq goes into surgery tomarrow for a
> suspension overhaul, hope my baby pulls through!
> Audios!
> Sean Houghton
> 87' 4000 cs quattro 60K
I agree!  That Scorpion is way too pricy!  I am going to replace the
exhaust on my Coupe GT with a customized free flow cat back from a local
shop for about $325, full stainless and with tip!  The $325 was with
labor!  I don't know about the 4000, but I would assume it can't be that
much more. 
Rick H. Louie