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Re: Should I buy Scorpion or Stebro for my 4000q?

In a message dated 97-06-26 15:14:58 EDT, you write:

<< $800 for a freak'in muffler!!! >>

Call Techtonics.  They want close to 800$ for their header for VW's.  The
borla muffler my friend just bought was 350$.  By itself, no tubing or
anything.  Stock, the exhaust system on my GTI costs close to 1200$.  The
audi's, I'm sure, is much more.  You have to put everything into perspective.
 I look at a set of wheels, and go Yipes!  1000$?  Then see a wheel
advertised for 200 (16x7).  But price it, the 1000$ is a good deal, because
what 16 inch tires are you gonna get for 200$.  I dunno, just my opinion.  If
I had the money right now, the Stebro system would be on my car.

Carter J