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ADMIN: Anyone else getting bounces from "rquayle" ???

I have been dealing with bounces of messages I've posted on the q-list 
from someone named rquayle from two mail servers (usa.net and foxcomm.net).  
Am I the only one getting these?  In one case I've learned about one message 
bouncing probably 40 times!  I did try sending a message to Dan earlier.  
The main reason I'm concerned about this is one of the error messages that 
is printed with the bounce ... 

----- Begin Included Message -----

>>> SNIP <<<

   ----- The following addresses had delivery problems -----
<rquayle@usa.net>  (unrecoverable error)

   ----- Transcript of session follows -----
... while talking to mxpool01.netaddress.usa.net.:
>>> RCPT To:<rquayle@usa.net>
<<< 551 <rquayle@usa.net>... User cancelled for spamming
                             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    ?????!!!!!
550 <rquayle@usa.net>... User unknown

   ----- Original message follows -----

>>> SNIP <<<


----- End Included Message -----

Could it be that rquayle has dumped usa.net and is now using foxcomm.net 
to get his addresses?  Is this where I have been getting those adults 
only spamming mails from?

San Jose, CA (USA)