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Re: ADMIN: Anyone else getting bounces from "rquayle" ???

I've been getting bounced messages from the same person for the last day or
so as well.  I've gotten about 30 so far.  My messages are bounced back
from rquayle@foxcomm.net, though, with the message the mail server is full
and can't receive any new mail.  Messages to the sysadmin and postmaster at
foxcomm.net have also bounced for the same reason.  Oddly enough, he sent
me personal mail a few days ago in response to something I posted to the
list.  He was polite and helpful.  I'm not ready to write him off as the
cause of all the bouncing until more information is available.  It might be
possible that he is a victim rather than the cause.  I don't know one way
or another, but at this point am giving him the benefit of doubt.


At 05:37 PM 6/25/97 -0700, Steven Buchholz wrote:
>I have been dealing with bounces of messages I've posted on the q-list 
>from someone named rquayle from two mail servers (usa.net and foxcomm.net).  
>Am I the only one getting these?  In one case I've learned about one message 
>bouncing probably 40 times!  I did try sending a message to Dan earlier.  
>The main reason I'm concerned about this is one of the error messages that 
>is printed with the bounce ... 
>----- Begin Included Message -----
>>>> SNIP <<<
>   ----- The following addresses had delivery problems -----
><rquayle@usa.net>  (unrecoverable error)
>   ----- Transcript of session follows -----
>... while talking to mxpool01.netaddress.usa.net.:
>>>> RCPT To:<rquayle@usa.net>
><<< 551 <rquayle@usa.net>... User cancelled for spamming
>                             ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    ?????!!!!!
>550 <rquayle@usa.net>... User unknown
>   ----- Original message follows -----
>>>> SNIP <<<
>----- End Included Message -----
>Could it be that rquayle has dumped usa.net and is now using foxcomm.net 
>to get his addresses?  Is this where I have been getting those adults 
>only spamming mails from?
>San Jose, CA (USA)