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Re: Meguiars

Dan Simoes,
3M is on a BIG push for these products. However, you can now buy direct 
from Meguiars (see www.meguiars.com). They also have a new line of 
polishes out now (Gold) that I have heard are phenomenal. Recommended 
years ago by a friend of min that has a 1st class bodyshop,  I have 
always used Meg's pro series on my Pearl Mica 88 Supra and, recently,  
the wifes 96 A4q2.8 (Laser red). My Audi dealer (who is also a B-M and 
WMB dealer) gives you the free car wash with every service routine and 
had one of those stupid el-cheapo plastic car washes - that has since 
been replaced by popular (read pissed off customer) demand. This crappy 
machine totally spider-webbed the paint on the Audi after I took it in 
for its 7500 svce and when I pointed it out he then offered to give me 
a reduction on their "detailing" so they could buff it out for me 
(BFD)! Needless to say, I just went and did it myself with Meg's and my 
orbital polisher - came right out and looks great.

P.S. If you aren't experienced with a straight (non-orbital) polisher, 
be very, VERY careful not to "burn" the wax/paintwork. For most 
applications an orbital polishers is the way to go. 

Good luck

Phil C.
96 A4q2.8 slushbox (its the wifes but I love it)
88 Supra Turbo 5spd w.mods (300+hp)