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Re: Little Fixes NOW headrest questions/discussion

Phil and Jim,
   While we're on the subject of the headrests "with the holes", my wife
recently complained that she did not think the headrests in my Audi were
all that safe due to the ease of movement (front to back). I'm thinking
that she's got a point, in that a collision from the rear would jerk your
head back, btdt, but the Audi's headrests would just give way allowing
one's head to continue it's rapid travel into the rear seat area. I find it
rather frightening that the headrests do not have some kind of
ratcheting-type locking mechanism like those found in other vehicles. Any
comments on this design? Is there a higher purpose that I cannot figure
out? I can't imagine that Audi, given it's reputation as a manufacturer of
some of the safest vehicles on the planet, just overlooked this subject.

Sean Ford
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> From: Phil Payne <Phil@sievers.com>
> To: JGriff@pobox.com
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> Subject: Little Fixes
> Date: Thursday, June 26, 1997 11:50 AM
> In message <> Griff writes:
> > Question: When I sit in my car, with the headrest all the way up, the
> > back of my head touches the top facing edge of the headrest - is this
> > wrong? Am I not adequately protected? The headrest can not go up any
> > further.
> The "headrests with the hole"?  Yes, the rearmost portion of your head
> should be between the upper and lower bars.
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