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Air filter service

> Now here's the question; It's time to replace the air filter in the '89 
> Q-90 I've got.  I've replaced the light bulbs, changed oil, etc (basic 
> maint.) on the Q before, but have yet to attempt replacing the filter. 
>  When I bring the car in for a lube, I'm told that the dealer must replace 
> it.  Is this true?  Do I need three hands to replace the air filter?
... I am completely unfamiliar with your exact car, but Audis have char-
acteristically difficult air filter replacement procedures.  I would not 
say that it is a dealer only thing, but it often takes some investigation 
to find the easiest way to get the airbox open and the filter in & out.  
In most cases this is due to the fact that the airflow sensor is an up-
draught unit, necessitating that the air filer be mounted below the fuel 

Interestingly enough on MY qtc [explicitly stated so as not to confuse 
certain members the British contingent ...] I find it is best to remove 
the left front headlight to change the air filter.  I know it sounds 
major, but I can get the thing out and back in in 15-30 minutes easily ...

San Jose, CA (USA)