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Air filter service

In message <199706272146.OAA00433@sled> steveb@falcon.kla-tencor.com (Steven Buchholz) writes:

> Interestingly enough on MY qtc [explicitly stated so as not to confuse 
> certain members the British contingent ...] I find it is best to remove 
> the left front headlight to change the air filter.  I know it sounds 
> major, but I can get the thing out and back in in 15-30 minutes easily ...

I do it the same way.  I also use the workshop mirror on the manifold nuts and 
hose clips while I'm in there.
Sometimes the clips can be tricky to re-engage.  I use the classic hook-and-
handle made from an old wire coathanger, as Tim at BR Motorsport taught me.

After my fuel injection investigations, I can also disconnect the entire system 
and lift the whole shebang out in around the same time.  The Allen key part of 
my toolbox is starting to look _real_ weird - a 17mm driver, a 13mm key, a 10mm 
key with the short leg ground back to 10mm long (confined space, fuel 
injection) and a long-handled 6mm ground down the same way for the timing belt 
cover.  Oh, for a simple car!

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club